Index Tower, Dubai, UAE

Index Tower is a prestigious 86-storey structure designed by architects Norman Foster & Partners, developed by Union Properties and located in the heart of the Dubai International Finance area.

The design features four tapering A frame fins at 27m centres which are buttressed at east and west elevations in the top section.

CCL Gulf produced shop drawings and provided coordination between MEP drawings and the CCL post-tensioning elements. A special CCL project team was put together to ensure that the project was delivered on time and ran smoothly.

The structure had to incorporate a large open area at the ground level while supporting 86 storeys. In order to accommodate this, CCL designed six metre deep transfer beams using a CCL 37 strand system. Very careful attention to detail was required when carrying out the design and execution of this critical element of the structure. CCL multistrand systems were also used in the bracing beams around the perimeter of the structure.

More than 118,000m2 of CCL Slabs were completed on the project, and a casting sequence of four days was achieved to meet the strict deadlines.

Thanking CCL for its contribution to the project, CEO of Union Properties, Simon Azzam said “This will be one of the first of a new era of ‘intelligent buildings' destined to be the skyscrapers of the future."

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