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As a provider of specialized engineered solutions for structures, CCL is constantly looking at innovation and considering the development of the industry.

The Company will be sharing articles of interest in the section below.

Uline Arena PTI Project Award Nomination

CCL's innovative post-tensioning solution provides the optimal solution for the refurbishment of US landmark, Uline Arena.

Source: PTI Journal, January 2020

Post-tensioning helps Angel Gardens project to blossom

A combination of post-tensioned and traditional reinforced concrete solutions were designed for this Manchester residential development.

Source: Concrete, November 2019

Novel post-tensioning technique in historic refurbishment

An innovative approach to the refurbishment of a Washington landmark which hosted the Beatles’ first US appearance.

Source: Building Engineer, September 2019

Post-tensioning provides the right solution for complex cancer centre build

An article which discusses the engineering challenges involved in the construction of the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in Liverpool and the benefits which post-tensioning offered in meeting the project's performance specifications.

Source: Concrete, June 2019

Electrification drives bridge replacement project in Blackpool

An article which discusses the design considerations for a concrete bridge replacement project in Blackpool. 

Source: Concrete, February 2018

Banding together to reach out

Teamwork and post-tensioning result in 40 ft cantilevers in the Novartis Radiation Oncology Building.

Source: Concrete International, October 2017

Elongation tolerance for short tendons in post-tensioned building structures

A practical and rational tolerance between measured and calculated elongations is proposed, based on statistical analysis of tendon elongations from actual bonded post-tensioned building structures.

Source: ACI Structural Journal, July 2017

Post-tensioning delivers on Sheffield Uni vision

The university's £81m diamond building saw CCL achieve major savings through value-engineering.

Source: Construction News, September 2016

Delivering a post-tensioned residential highways structure in Portsmouth

This 850-room project features three large post-tensioned transfer beams designed by CCL to bridge a busy roadway and support an 18-storey tower.

Source: Concrete, June 2016

Post-tensioning at The Tower, One St George Wharf, copes with complex geometry

The slender, circular design of the Tower gives a high ratio of external wall to enclosed space, but brings with it structural challenges.

Source: Construct Yearbook 2014/15

St. Rafca Cathedral - concave beams spanning 100 ft

A case study of St. Rafca Cathedral in Lebanon.

Source: PTI Journal, August 2014

The use of post-tensioned concrete slabs in hybrid concrete construction

Hybrid construction combined post-tensioned and precast concrete on this London office development.

Source: Concrete, June 2014

Post-tensioning delivers La Tour de force

CCL post-tensions Hotel La Tour, Birmingham.

Source: Concrete, June 2012

Comparison between reinforced and post-tensioned structures

A comparison between reinforced and post-tensioned slab options.

Source: CCL, fib Symposium, Prague, June 2011

CCL post-tensioning systems and ETAG Approval

A review of ETAG requirements for post-tensioning systems.

Source: CCL

2011 PTA post-tensioned structure award

A case study of Worcester Library, winner of the 2011 PTA Post-tensioned Structure Award.

Source: Concrete November 2011

Morocco Mall – post-tensioned concrete creation

Post-tensioned slabs reduced construction time on Morocco Mall.

Source: Building Africa, October 2011

Post-formed holes in post-tensioned slabs

CCL explains how post-formed holes in post-tensioned slabs can be formed safely and easily.

Source: Concrete, June 2011

Strata SE1 - Concrete Society Award 2010 winner

An article for Strata SE1 London, winner of the 2010 Concrete Society Awards.

Source: Concrete Society, November 2010



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