Bearings installation for Blackpool bridge

October 12, 2017

CCL elastomeric bridge bearings have been used in a bridge deck replacement in Blackpool, in which 45 precast concrete beams were installed.

Infrastructure company Story Contracting, contacted CCL to advise on bearing suitability, and design the most appropriate bearing solution for the Plymouth Road Bridge, a project which involved removal and replacement of the existing bridge superstructure, comprising bridge deck, bearings, bearing shelfs and parapets. The soffit height of the new structure was raised by approximately 800mm as part of the future electrification of the PBN railway line.

The original design included six separate bearings schedules. However, after reviewing the project, CCL was able to rationalise the schedules to reduce the number of bearing types to two. This not only simplified installation but also provided a more cost-effective solution for the client.

The 3-span road over rail structure is the main route into and out of Blackpool and so the bearings were installed over two consecutive 54-hour weekend sessions outside of the peak tourist season. Pedestrian access across the bridge was maintained throughout the project.

Timely delivery of the bearings to site and the smooth running of the project meant that Story Contracting was able to install them, ahead of schedule.