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Bearing Products

Bespoke Special Bearing+

Bespoke Special Bearings are designed and manufactured to suit customers’ specific requirements. These can be produced to cater for highly corrosive environments, such as marine locations, or heavily polluted industrial areas.

FP Fixed Pin Bearing+

CCL FP_fixed pin bearing

CCL Fixed Pin Bearings do not cater for vertical loads but resist horizontal loads in any direction. It is normal for Elastomeric Bearings to be positioned next to the Fixed Pin, in order to take up the vertical load.

When space is restricted the bolting of the top plate can be difficult. In order to overcome this problem, Uniguide and Fixed Pin Bearings can be supplied with an optional tang plate which provides a permanent anchor within the concrete.

LR Elastomeric Bearing+

LR Elastomeric Bearing_structural bearings

CCL Elastomeric Bearings resist vertical load and provide horizontal movements and rotations.

The LR bearings cater for vertical load where movement is controlled by shear deflection and rotation is by angular deformation. They consist of steel reinforced plates vulcanised in alternating natural rubber layers and then encased by an outer layer of rubber to provide increased resistance to ageing.

PF Fixed Pot Bearing+

PF Fixed Pot Bearing_CCL Structural Bearings

CCL Fixed Pot Bearings provide restraint in all horizontal directions while resisting vertical load.

The metal pot of the bottom plate fully retains the projecting piston of the top plate to provide full restraint in the horizontal plane, while deformation of the elastomeric disc allows multi-directional rotation to take place.

PG Guided Sliding Pot Bearing+

PG Guided Sliding Pot Bearing_CCL Structural Bearings

Guided Sliding Pot Bearings provide restraint in one direction and resist vertical load.

A rocker with a lubricated, dimpled PTFE disc, is held in the pot of the base plate. The disc slides against the stainless steel plate which is fitted to the machined top plate between two guide rails, which resist horizontal load in one direction. Horizontal movement occurs along the length of the guide rails. Multi-directional rotation is able to take place because of the deformation of the elastomeric disc under the rocker plate.

PR/SR Plain Pad Bearing and Strip+

PR/SR Plain Pad Bearings and Strip_CCL Structural Bearings

Guided Sliding Pot Bearings provide restraint in one direction and resist vertical load.

Plain Pad Bearings are non-reinforced elastomeric pads or strips which resist low vertical load and allow small movements.

The simplest type of bearing, they are readily available and easy to install.

PS Free-Sliding Pot Bearing+

PS Free-Sliding Pot Bearing_CCL Structural Bearings

Guided Sliding Pot Bearings provide restraint in one direction and resist vertical load.

The Free Sliding Pot Bearing resists vertical load and allows horizontal movement and rotations.

The base plate of the bearing fully retains within its pot, a rocker which has a lubricated, dimpled PTFE disc. This slides against a stainless steel plate fitted to the machined top plate of the bearing to allow horizontal movement between the two sections.

UG Uniguide Bearing+

UG Uniguide Bearing_CCL Structural Bearings

CCL Uniguide Bearings do not cater for vertical load but allow unidirectional movement and is resistant to the horizontal load in the perpendicular direction.

Elastomeric Bearings are normally positioned next to the Uniguide in order to take up the vertical load.

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