CCL was approached by Café Najjar, a leading company with the majority share in the Lebanese coffee market to design and install an aesthetically appealing floor at its extensive factory in Lebanon.

The client’s main objectives were to maximise productivity and meet ISO 22000 certification requirements.

To achieve these goals the floor slab was required to be flat, dust-free and crack-free. It also had to incorporate drainage capabilities and at the same time include a minimum number of joints.

The company deployed its specialist SURFACE division to provide a semi-gloss, polished concrete, dust-free finish. The completed floor covers 3,800m2 and comprises six joint-free slabs each 667m2 in size.

A full drainage layout was incorporated in which CCL used laser screening machines to create slopes in two directions.

To ensure the efficiency of drainage, gradients of 0.5% and 0.3% were applied to the floor in the direction of the x-axis and y-axis respectively.

The project was completed in 45 days; 30 days for casting and 15 days for polishing.

Café Najjar has the largest coffee factory in Lebanon at 15,000m2. Inside the factory, 60 million packs of coffee are produced per year.