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CCL People


Yesterday’s achievements mean nothing without progress today.

CCL realises this, which is why we ensure everyone who works for the group is recognised and rewarded for their hard work and loyalty, with many opportunities for professional growth and personal development.

Below is a selection of personal accounts from our valued employees, providing an initial taste of the company’s distinctly multicultural and welcoming environment, alongside an insight into the diverse range of challenging, stimulating and invariably rewarding contracts the CCL team collaborate on.

Omar - Project Engineer +

CCL Careers_Omar Al Naber_Project Engineer

What is your role at CCL and when did you join the company?

I joined CCL as a Project Engineer in April 2014 and am based at CCL Gulf in the UAE.

What aspect of your work gives you the greatest satisfaction?

The CCL environment allows its employees to pursue continuous development. The CCL teams have extraordinary knowledge, with a wide variety of skills in the construction of buildings, bridges and repair and strengthening. Working with these teams and enhancing mytechnical knowledge is extremely satisfying.

CCL being a worldwide company, means that I get the chance to have exposure to other cultures, which helps to improve my communication skills.

What contribution has CCL made to your career development?

While working at CCL I have been involved with mega projects around the world, using the latest design technology. This has helped me to develop my career exponentially. The vision of the company and of the individuals who lead the teams has helped to stimulate my vision of my own development and has encouraged me to set myself ambitious targets. The sky’s the limit.

Srini - Engineering Manager +

CCL Careers_Srini_Engineering Manager

What is your role at CCL and when did you join the company?

My career at CCL USA started in January 2010 as Senior Project Engineer performing value engineering design and analysis, managing projects and the quality control of design and shop drawings for post-tensioning projects in compliance with governing codes and structural design.  Since January 2014 my role has been that of Engineering Manager working with a talented, hard-working and dedicated group of colleagues in the engineering and operations departments. 

What aspect of your work gives you the greatest satisfaction?

CCL USA is a very professional company that respects its employee's, clients and customers.  CCL's management always strives to provide the best service to its employees and clients alike.  I have witnessed the growth of CCL USA and am proud to have been a

part of this successful progress since 2010.  It gives me great satisfaction that I have been and can be a further part of CCL USA's growth, progressing towards a greater vision.  I operate in a wonderful work environment with great team members at CCL USA.

What contribution has CCL made to your career development?

After working as Senior Project Engineer for four years CCL recognized my ability and potential by promoting me to the role of Engineering Manager.  CCL encourages its employees to progress in their career within the company by offering training in-house and through established training providers.  

Tom - Engineer +

CCL Careers_Tom_Graduate Engineer

‘I started at CCL in September 2014 as a Graduate Engineer based in Leeds. My role mostly consists of designing post-tensioned concrete slabs for structural projects around the UK.

I enjoy the variety this role provides as each project has its own technical challenges and solving these problems can be highly rewarding especially once the building has been constructed, allowing you to see it and say ‘I helped design that building’.

Although my area of specialism post-tensioning, the company is dedicated to moulding its engineers so that they can obtain knowledge within all aspects of structural engineering that interest the individual.

In my eyes what makes CCL great is the people I work with, as everyone is relaxed, friendly and willing to provide guidance and help if ever a problem arises.’

Leslie - Accounting/HR Manager +

Leslie Wood_USA_Management Team

Since starting at CCL USA, more than three years ago, I have been working as part of the management team which has afforded me many opportunities, in different areas of the company. In my positions, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role as an Accounting and HR Manager. In my newest role I have been working with clients in North and South America in the Prestress sales division.

My enthusiasm for joining the company was centered around the incredible development potential for both myself and the company as a whole. CCL’s dynamic environment provides a truly motivating workplace for me.

I receive great satisfaction knowing that I have contributed to the collective growth of the company.


Unit 8 Millennium Drive
LS11 5BP
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0)113 270 1221
E: enquiries@cclint.com

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