CCL delivered 3,600 unbonded post-tensioning strands 116,500 kg (256,000 lb) for one of Trondheims tallest buildings where 11 floors have been constructed using SigmaSlab® technology with CCL’s post-tensioning (PT) XU/XU2 system and Dramix® steel fiber reinforcement.

The whole building is an office building for the municipality of Trondheim, Helsedirektoratet and NAV occupy the majority of the building and will use the space as an education facility for around 2,500 adults.

The high-rise part of the building, from level 5 to 15, approximately 8,635 m2 (95,000 sqft), has been constructed using SigmaSlab®.

The lower part of the building used conventional reinforced concrete (RC) and PT concrete slabs.

The main contractor, Spennarmering AS, chose CCL and the SigmaSlab® solution because of the ability to construct thinner slabs, the flexibility it offers in floorplan design, the speed of construction, and the ability to reduce the carbon emissions while providing improved structural performance and durability.

CCL chose to use spread foundations for the lower part of the building and slab on piles for the higher part. There were strict restrictions on the deflection requirements for the facade because the facade elements were prefabricated.

The building was awarded BREEM ‘very good’ standard and achieved a class A energy rating.