CCL undertook retrofitting work to convert two office towers into prestigious hotels in Qatar’s West Bay.

Change of use at the buildings means that cladding, MEP and the general building layouts require modification. CCL was engaged to provide a solution that would have minimal effect on the architectural features of the structures.

To ensure the client’s needs and aspirations for the project are met, the company has worked closely with the architect, main contractor and consultant. CCL produced a report on the vertical elements of the structures which recommended column jacketing or CFRP wrapping solutions. The consultant then carried out the necessary design checks and produced retrofitting drawings, after which the CCL team began the structural modifications.

CCL undertook the design checks and produced retrofitting drawings for the horizontal slabs. Strengthening of the slabs is being carried out using CFRP plates and external post-tensioning. Steel plates are also being installed to deal with punching shear issues. Additional concrete beams will be cast in place.