CCL has supplied and installed its XM post-tensioning system for this impressive cantilever structure on the west coast of Norway.

Dolmsundbrua connects the remote island of Dolmøya to the large Hitra island, crossing the Dolmsundet marine channel at a height of 32 metres above water level.

The bridge spans 490 metres and features two 50 mph motor lanes as well as a pedestrian pathway.

CCL Scandinavia was approached by the main contractor, NCC Construction Norway AB to supply the post-tensioning materials and carry out the installation of CCL XM-50 and XM-60 tendons in lengths of 12-192 metres. In total the company installed 305 tonnes of 15.7 mm strand.

The 12-metre-wide structure significantly reduces travel time between Dolmøya and Hitra by removing the necessity of a ferry crossing.