Eden Roc is a luxury residential complex in central Limassol, adjacent to the Amathos river, approximately half a kilometre from the seafront. 

Reminiscent of a superyacht, the development comprises two phases. Phase A comprises three adjacent residential blocks of five to seven storeys and features penthouses with large terraces and private pools. Phase B is a single residential block with eight swimming pools at roof level.

Both phases are constructed to a cantilevered design, stepping in up to four metres in some areas, resulting in high peripheral loads of up to 800 kg/linear metre at the tips of cantilevers. To achieve the horizontal retraction in slabs, planted columns were required at each level. In some areas of Phase B, these columns support four levels of slabs to accommodate ground-level parking and are thus located at critical support points near mid-spans.

The eight pools at roof level are located at mid-spans and supported by columns at level 4.

The original specification of conventional reinforced concrete slabs would have meant an unacceptably thick slab and the inclusion of dropped beams to cope with the planted loads prompted by the cantilevered sections and roof terrace swimming pools. This would have compromised the internal layout, which includes spans of up to eight metres in the open-plan apartments.

The conversion of the structural design to post-tensioned (PT) slabs at levels one and above delivered a faster construction program and ensured that optimum slab thickness was achieved on every level, thereby reducing the amount of concrete required. Increased loads were accommodated without the need for drop beams and deflection was controlled at the slab edge.

CCL’s scope of work included PT design, supply of post-tensioning systems, training, and supervision of installation.