CCL’s post-tensioned flat slabs offer a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution compared to the original steel structure design for this project. 

Located in Istanbul, Il Bank Maltepe is a mixed-use building offering a state-of-the-art office block, a luxury residential block overlooking the Prince’s Islands, and commercial space including an open-air shopping centre.

The original steel structure solution was expensive and would require extensive maintenance in the future. CCL was called upon to propose a post-tensioned solution that was cost-efficient, would require low maintenance, and took into account the minimum floor to ceiling clearance required by the architect.

CCL designed, supplied, and installed the post-tensioning for levels 13 and 21. A span of 16 m was achieved as well as an impressive cantilever span of 7 m. Heavy loading requirements due to landscaped surrounding areas meant that flat slabs with depths of 600 mm, 400 mm, and 300 mm were required.

Last-minute changes including amendments to the pouring sequence, changes in construction joint locations, slab limit modifications and revised loading requirements required CCL Engineering to act quickly and efficiently to amend the design and avoid delays in construction.