Jacob Delafon is a French sanitaryware manufacturing company owned by The Kohler Group. CCL undertook extensive repair works on the floor of its Morocco factory.

The state of the factory floors was extremely poor and needed to be durably repaired after many years of multiple resin-wearing layers of short working life, due to the high traffic of the factory.

CCL’s SURFACE division completed major renovation works in high-traffic areas and some of the storage areas.

Works included the removal of several layers of coatings including epoxy, resin and paintwork. Deep grinding was required in some of the worst areas as well as surface correction and filling of pin holes.

The company repaired old and deteriorated saw-cut joints and existing cracks as well as the cleaning and repair of the joints using BECOSAN special joint filling material.

Finally, the floor was finished with concrete surface polishing using BECOSAN® polishing system to provide a clean, shiny, anti-dust, and highly abrasion-resistant surface with enhanced resistance to liquid infiltration.

The system involved concrete surface polishing and impregnation of its wearing surface with two specific BECOSAN® liquids, making this surface treatment solution green, durable and maintenance-free.