In Aneho, a Togolese town on the border with Benin, an ambitious urban development project has taken place. 

The construction of a new two-lane road and the Aneho Bridge has facilitated traffic flow and completely transformed the town. With the improvement of the road, it now only takes 30 to 35 minutes to travel between two towns. Aneho will therefore become a residential town.

The depth of the river running through Aneho made traditional construction methods using scaffolding and formwork impossible for the building of the 70-metre-span bridge.

CCL proposed a solution, which was to design and construct the precast, post-tensioned bridge using a precast cantilever segmental procedure, balanced by cast in situ, counterweights behind abutments.

Design, calculation notes, construction shop drawings, and a comprehensive construction method statement were all prepared by CCL.