This multipurpose development in the heart of Doha’s financial district includes a hotel, nine towers, a substation, prayer hall, and parking. 

CCL undertook the original post-tensioning of the structure and, following changes required by the owner, CCL was commissioned to evaluate the structural impact of the modifications and propose any necessary remedial measures.

Change of use in some areas involved the conversion of office space for MEP usage. This required the creation of additional openings within the slabs. CCL carried out design checks to determine whether additional strengthening would be required in these areas.

As well as requiring the formation of additional voids, the alterations also imposed extra loads on the slabs which caused deflections and stresses beyond permissible limits. The installation of additional external post-tensioning measures provided uplift to counteract the use of CFRP plates – supplying and supervising their installation – in areas where the amount of reinforcement was considered insufficient because f the required changes.

Having carried out the original post-tensioning, CCL was able to perform the evaluation quickly and efficiently, using its own specialised equipment to ensure that the requirement for additional structural strengthening measures was minimised.