This new single-span, 100-metre-long bridge is located in Sir El Daniyeh in the North of Lebanon. It was constructed across a deep valley to connect two small towns, Bqarsouna and Qorsaita.

The bridge was originally designed as a steel structure but construction difficulties were identified because of the site location. Additionally it was thought that cost would prove prohibitive, both in terms of construction and future periodic maintenance.

CCL provided an alternative post-tensioned concrete solution which would overcome construction difficulties and provide a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution.

The complete structure was designed by CCL’s specialised engineering division to be constructed using the balanced-cantilever segmental method, having a single-cell box girder bridge deck. Isolated footings at both ends of the bridge will hold the counterweight by means of CCL structural bearings. Counterweights were located over the footings to balance the free cantilever segmental construction method.

In addition to providing the design, CCL supplied its XM and XF post-tensioning systems, structural bearings and specialist machinery (formwork traveller), and carried out construction of the entire bridge structure.

CCL delivered a number of presentations to the client and consultants involved in the project to demonstrate the company’s extensive experience. This resulted in a change in the specification from steel to post-tensioned concrete construction.