CCL was chosen by SOCOTEC to execute the strengthening of six reinforced concrete flat slabs with excessive deflection caused by poor quality concrete. 

Sari Building is an office building located on one of the main avenues in Jeddah. CCL was called upon to inspect the six reinforced concrete slabs and propose a solution that would provide structural strengthening to the building and control the deflection in the slabs.

CCL designed and executed the strengthening works, by installing external post-tensioning to prevent further deflection occurring under the future live load and the superimposed dead load.

During the works, CCL was faced with a significant challenge. Variations between the actual locations of slab openings and partitions, and the as-built drawings, meant that CCL had to demonstrate flexibility in modifying the design to accommodate the existing site conditions.

A further challenge for CCL was the need to complete the strengthening works within a very tight time frame. Despite this, work was completed before the two-month deadline.