NyhavnaEN BT2, is the second building to be completed by CCL, the first building was traditional post-tensioned slabs and this building has been completed using CCL and Bekaert’s newest innovation, SigmaSlab®.

NyhavnaEN BT2 is an office building with a parking garage in the basement. It is being constructed to the latest energy standards. The two buildings at Nyhavna are energy class A and BREEAMNOR Excellent standard which is awarded to projects that generate reduced costs and CO2 emissions.

SigmaSlab® was the chosen solution because of the reduction in traditional reinforcement, the reduced cost due to less labor on site, and the lowering of the CO2 footprint of the project. The slab over the basement was designed as a reinforced concrete (RC) + post-tensioned (PT) slab. The six slabs above have been designed as 250 mm (10 in) thick elevated SigmaSlab®. The slabs span between 7.2 m (24 ft) and 9.6 m (32 ft) and elevators and stairwells were executed using the slipform construction method.

The slabs were cast in a single pour without any joints and where each slab had an approximate area if 1,620 m2 (17,000 sqft) , and a footprint of 58 m x 28 m (190 ft x 90 ft) and a thickness of 25 cm (10 in). The total area of the SigmaSlab® was 9,600 m2 (105,000 sqft).