The first SigmaSlab® on ground has been installed by Delporte at the Aertssen site in Verrebroek, Belgium.

SigmaSlab® is an innovative new concrete slab technology developed by CCL and Bekaert combining all the benefits of CCL post-tensioning with the advantages of Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement without the need for traditional reinforcement.

Aertssen is a construction and infrastructure company based in Antwerp, Belgium. It is constructing some new logistics buildings and warehouses to store machinery and parts, one of which required an outdoor concrete ground slab for the loading dock.

CCL and Bekaert designed a 180 mm (7 inches) thick SigmaSlab® on ground over an area of 110-meter by 24-meter (365 feet by 80 feet) for the loading dock where delivery trucks will dock at the dock levelers.

The slab was built using the CCL XU2 system and Dramix® fibers without any rebar and was cast in one pour without any joints. The absence of joints and the high durability of SigmaSlab® make it the ideal solution for this kind of application where there are high levels of vehicle movements. Its enhanced performance also makes it ideal for aggressive outdoor environments and increases the lifespan of the slab.

The enhanced performance of SigmaSlab®-G is coupled with considerable savings for the client because there is no need for traditional reinforcement and no joints. These factors in turn speed up construction, significantly reduce installation costs as fewer site operatives are required and less maintenance is required throughout the service life of the slab.