A 10,000 m² high-performance and completely seamless concrete slab was cast for CDC Germany. The slab consisted of two panels of 120 m x 42 m without any joints.

CDC needed a robust concrete floor with minimal joints for their new logistics centre in Niederaula, Germany. The objective was to reduce cracks and noise generated by frequent vehicle movement during loading and unloading. As traditionally reinforced concrete slabs have a high carbon footprint due to its use of steel and concrete, flooring contractor G.v.G was interested in exploring alternative construction technologies that are more sustainable, less labor-intensive, and cost-effective.

SigmaSlab® was the chosen solution as it offered CDC a floor with no joints at all. By not using traditional reinforcement, the SigmaSlab® installation process at CDC was 20% faster. It reduced steel consumption by 70%, cutting the carbon footprint of the project by more than 50%. The elimination of joints reduced the maintenance of the floor and forklifts.

Reduced materials and labor, combined with increased durability and lower maintenance of the slab over its lifetime, results in lower total cost of ownership of the project.