The first SigmaSlab® on ground has been completed in Latin America for Coppel Distribution Center in Texcoco, Mexico. The project was executed by RCR Industrial Flooring with CCL and Bekaert engineers on-site to supervise the installation.

The client required a very flat and level floor to accommodate industrial racks up to 12 metres high with very narrow aisles in between.

An area of 47,000m2 has been reinforced with SigmaSlab® technology, in 100 m x 100 m panels. The absence of joints and the high durability of SigmaSlab® made it the ideal solution for this application where heavily loaded forklifts will be operated.

The enhanced performance of SigmaSlab® is coupled with considerable savings for the client because there is no need for traditional reinforcement and no joints. These factors in turn speed up construction, significantly reduce installation costs as fewer site operatives are required and less maintenance is required throughout the service life of the slab.