CCL completed a very narrow aisle (VNA) floor slab application at Ain Saadeh, in Lebanon, installing a superflat concrete floor at the warehouse of Target Food.

VNA storage systems are increasingly popular as warehouse operators seek to optimise their capacity by specifying tall, narrow and very narrow aisles, but they require floors that comply with ‘defined movement’ (DM) flatness specifications rather than the less stringent ‘free movement’ (FM) specification.

The flatness of floors where VNA vehicles are used is influenced by the height at which goods are stacked. CCL executed a superflat floor where the lifting height is 13 metres to allow the VNA forklifts to operate efficiently and safely.

The 2500 m2 slab accommodates twenty-two 13-metre-long aisles, each with a width of only 1.64 metres. The floor includes only one expansion joint and one construction joint.

CCL achieved the required level of flatness without any subsequent grinding – a first in the Lebanese market.