Following a fire at a very large underground car park in Doha, CCL was commissioned to carry out repair and strengthening work to restore structural integrity. 

In order to determine the extent of the damage to the affected areas of the structure, CCL undertook a thorough investigation, the results of which identified the necessary remedial actions. These included refurbishment using fully-encapsulated external post-tensioning systems, replacement of the affected bottom reinforcement, and reinstatement of the concrete.

Because of a significant depth of concrete was lost as a result of the fire, and because the location of the damage meant there was no access to cast the replacement concrete from above, CCL carried out the restoration using the form and pump technique.

This involved installing formwork to create a cavity around the affected area into which the concrete was pumped.

CCL’s range of services on the project included repair and strengthening design, material supply, and installation of the fully-encapsulated unbonded post-tensioning system.