CCL Bearings on track at Brighton College

January 16, 2020

CCL has designed and supplied the acoustic bearings for a rooftop running track at Brighton College, a co-educational school for students aged 3-18, which was voted England’s Independent school of the year for 2019.

The track is part of the newly opened 5-storey School of Science and Sport which includes 18 university-standard laboratories, six break out spaces for research, a 25-metre pool, a double-height sports hall, a strength and conditioning suite and two running tracks; one inside the building and one located on the roof of the building.

CCL’s acoustic bearings are used to manage the effects of noise and vibration from the rooftop running track. While ordinary footsteps on a roof terrace would have minimal impact on the floor below, the pounding of runners along the track combined with the sensitivity of equipment in the labs below and the acoustically challenging surfaces of lab accommodation meant that acoustic and vibration controls had to be designed into the roof build up.

In total, CCL provided 800 acoustic bearings, which were installed in the floating floor structure during construction to absorb noise and vibration between the track and the soffit above the lab.