CCL post-tensions iconic new structure for Riyadh Metro.

August 7, 2019

Due for completion in 2020, the stunning King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) station will be one of the four primary stations of the new Riyadh Metro. The station was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects and features a complex geometric façade designed to resemble sine-waves. At 32 m high, 42 m wide and 232 m long it is thought to be the biggest elevated transfer station in the world.

CCL has provided a post-tensioning (PT) solution for this iconic project, designing and installing the main beams which help support the metro railway and the steel structure. The weight of the external steel structure is approximately 4237 t while the interior steel structure is a further 2785 t.

The post-tensioned beams which support the inclined columns of the steel structure, span an impressive 190 m and are themselves supported by inclined columns. The individual beams include eight tendons, each with 27 strands. PT couplers were used on 50% of the tendons at each construction joint.

Construction of this complex structure was carried out in many phases. The necessary calculations were extremely sensitive to this phasing, requiring very delicate and precise step analysis to be carried out, especially for the connections between the inclined steel columns and the PT beams.

Once complete the KAFD station will include shops, two levels of parking, potential future baggage handling systems and two prayer rooms.