Conquistadores Office Building, Peru

February 2, 2021

CCL’s work on the Conquistadores Corporate Building in the San Isidro district of Lima, Peru included design and supply of post-tensioned slabs for the building’s five basements and seven above-ground floors. Basements included 160 mm flat slabs while the upper floors were 200 mm flat slabs. In total 20,030 m2 of post-tensioned horizontal elements were installed.

Post-construction, design loads to some of the slabs were increased which required additional strengthening measures. CCL undertook external post-tensioning and applied carbon fibre reinforced polymer to reinforce the slabs and accommodate the new loads.

In addition to post-tensioning work, CCL in Peru also carried out project management of additional works including gutters, reinforced masonry, treatment of expansion joints, isolated partitions and concrete finishing. The company also constructed a floating platform to house generating equipment. This insulated slab was connected to the slab by means of springs which dissipate the vibration towards the structure itself.