External PT controls deflection in Jeddah offices

November 4, 2016

During construction of an office building in Jeddah, excessive deflection was identified in six reinforced concrete slabs. CCL was called in to address the problem because of its technical expertise.

CCL carried out the strengthening works to the slabs, designing a solution which used external post-tensioning in order to prevent further deflection under the future live load and the superimposed dead load.

Because the project was near completion when CCL became involved, the company was required to complete the work within a tight timeframe. The project was made more challenging by the discovery that locations of openings in some of the slabs and the locations of some of the already constructed partitions, did not correspond to the as-built drawings. This required CCL to modify the design during the execution phase to reflect the actual site conditions.

Despite these challenges, CCL successfully completed the project within the specified timescale.