CCL offers two solutions for slab on grade applications, SigmaSlab®-G and post-tensioned slab on grade.

SigmaSlab®-G is a new innovative solution developed by CCL and Bekaert which combines all the benefits of CCL post-tensioning with Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement, removing the need for traditional reinforcement.

The combination of these technologies delivers a cost-effective solution while providing better resistance to cracking and deflection, and a joint-free, more durable and low-maintenance finish.

CCL’s post-tensioned slab on grade can also reduce the number of joints in a slab or eliminate them entirely to cut the costs of construction and ongoing maintenance. Fewer joints improve operator comfort for drivers of forklifts and other forms of traffic, and can reduce repair and maintenance expenditure.

Greater crack resistance is achieved because of the compressive forces applied to the post-tensioned slab, further reducing the need for costly repairs.