Our precast solutions include complete hollowcore factory set-ups and mobile plant facilities to allow on-site production.

We also offer a wide range of CCL and Spiroll production accessories and prestressing equipment, together with tailored support services for hollowcore production. Design and manufacturing support for prestressed precast concrete products is also provided.

Turnkey Solutions

CCL delivers total solutions for start-ups and comprehensive hollowcore factories including machinery and support. Mobile hollowcore plant set-ups provide a cost-effective option for on-site manufacture. This suits large volume projects or remote sites where access to existing hollowcore manufacturers is problematic.

Hollowcore Production

Designed to deliver a quick return on your investment, Spiroll hollowcore manufacturing equipment is reliable, easy to maintain, and produces products of the highest quality.

The Vortex Extruder features patented replaceable auger ends and high-frequency vibrator motors which minimise downtime and reduce the cost of hollowcore slab production.

The Universal Extruder features a unique design that ensures high-quality output, ease of use, and simple set-up and maintenance.

The Multi-Angle Saw is capable of creating 0-90° cuts in hollowcore slabs, performing large skews and shallow off-sets, and also driving long incisions down slab lengths.

The Crosscut Saw quickly and economically creates 90° crosscuts through slabs and can be set up to work with any existing hollowcore factory.

The Longcut Saw specialises in cutting long strips through green hollowcore slabs, cutting directly behind the casting machine for speed and efficiency.

The Yard Saw is similar in use to the multi-angle saw; however, this unit is used out in the stock yard, rather than within a factory setting, to provide an additional cutting location.

The Bed Cleaner is powered by a water-cooled, low-emission, four-cylinder diesel engine and accelerates the manual preparation of hollowcore casting beds by alleviating labor demands.

The Casting Bed is of the highest quality to provide continuous hollowcore production and improved soffit-slab quality.

Precast Concrete Moulds

Moulds can be supplied to manufacture standard and bespoke reinforced and prestressed concrete products, tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Tilting tables are an ideal solution for creating reinforced wall panels for use as cladding or load-bearing walls. Stair moulds produce precast stairs with fixed treads and risers.

Prestressing Systems

Prestressing equipment includes a full range of stressing pumps, jacks, grips, accessories, and related services.

Multi-Stressing Systems

Spiroll multi-stressing and hydraulic detensioning systems can be designed and built to suit both new and existing precast factories.

Stressing Pumps

These hydraulic stressing pumps are engineered using top-quality materials to protect them in the toughest factory settings, whilst the modular design promotes quick-and-easy cleaning and maintenance. They include the SR3000 and the compact lightweight SRX alternative for use on small strand diameters.

Stressing Jacks

We offer a full range of stressing jacks to pull wire from 3mm up to 7mm and strand from 8mm up to 18mm. Jacks can be supplied in short (200mm) and long (400mm) stroke options. Extremely robust and reliable, they require minimal maintenance and are able to withstand the rigours of precast production.

Stressing Grips

Our comprehensive range of stressing grips has been designed to suit all prestressing applications from 3mm wire to 18mm strand. It includes open grips, spring-loaded anchors, bayonet grips, and double-ended joints.

Strand Pusher

CCL’s strand pusher accelerates the wiring of production beds, significantly reducing labour hours whilst improving safety.


Rapidcut pneumatic cutting tools provide a simple, safe and efficient means of cutting prestress wire and strand. They can also be used on rebar and wire mesh requiring only one bite to complete the cutting process.

Lifting Systems

A range of products aimed at improving safety standards includes a unique clamp for lifting and fixing of hollowcore slabs and a fall prevention system aimed at protecting employees during their installation.

SlabLock Clamps

SlabLock clamps are suitable for lifting hollowcore slabs from production beds, moving slabs in the stock yard, and fixing on the construction site. They can be customised to fit a wide range of different hollowcore slab profiles.


A comprehensive range of tailored services to support hollowcore production and prestressing of precast concrete includes prestressing training, precast concrete design, and the servicing and calibration of equipment.