Using the latest methods and technologies available, we offer a full range of services for the maintenance, repair and strengthening of concrete and steel structures. CCL can also undertake the engineering design associated with any of the repair and strengthening solutions offered.

Structural Strengthening

Structural strengthening techniques include external post-tensioning, steel reinforcement, punching shear remedials, concrete jacketing, and the application of composite materials.

Inspection, Surveying and Monitoring

To determine the root cause of a problem, we conduct condition surveys of the structure before compiling our findings and submitting work proposals to the client. Our structural monitoring systems can be installed to provide a means of assessing a structure’s condition and performance and afford guidance as to whether intervention is necessary.

Specialist Grouting

Techniques include resin injection of cracks in concrete and the remedial grouting of post-tensioning in structures.


High-pressure water removes large areas of defective concrete, while preventing cracking and micro fracturing of the structure, cleaning the steel beneath and allowing it to remain intact.

Corrosion Prevention

Cathodic protection, electro-osmosis, and other electrochemical systems are used to prevent or stop corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel.

Concrete Repair

Designed to rehabilitate structures and extend service life, techniques include hand repairs for small areas, and sprayed or flowable concrete application.

Protective Systems and Coatings

Slip resistance, waterproofing, and durability can all be provided to protect new and existing buildings and decks.

Jacking, Lifting and Weighing

We offer these as one-off services or as part of a structural repair package for buildings and civil structures. A range of load-testing techniques can be used to prove the ability of a structure to carry additional loads and validate strengthening work.

Structural Bearing Inspection and Maintenance

Our comprehensive bearing service includes design, supply, maintenance, replacement, and installation.