An innovative new concrete slab technology developed by CCL and Bekaert combining all the benefits of CCL
XF/XU2 post-tensioning systems with the advantages of Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement.


CCL post-tensioning systems and Dramix® steel fibers combined.

SigmaSlab® optimises post-tensioning and Dramix® steel fibers to deliver an optimal cost-effective solution while providing better resistance to cracking and deflection. CCL XF/XU2 post-tensioning systems take up the shrinkage and temperature stresses in concrete slabs, increasing the material’s strength and delaying the development of cracks. After cracking, Dramix® steel fibers raise the tension capacity of the concrete, providing ductile behaviour.


  • Seamless ground slabs (indoor & outdoor)
  • Elevated slabs
  • Slabs on piles


  • Up to 20% more cost-efficient
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Up to 35% more sustainable
  • Better aesthetics

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Was SigmaSlab® tested?

A comprehensive testing programme was undertaken at Virginia Tech, USA over a period of 4 years. The testing was carried out on elevated SigmaSlab® and included 5 test slabs with different configurations. The testing was very successful and showed that SigmaSlab® is as performant and exceeds traditional PT slabs with rebar. See video at the top of this webpage.

Does SigmaSlab® have approvals?

Yes, the technology has approvals to ACI and to European Codes. These approvals are published by independent approval agencies or third-party reviewers.

Is SigmaSlab® a greener form of construction to traditional PT slabs?

Some of the advantages of SigmaSlab® is that it uses less steel overall and it is faster to build. In general, SigmaSlab® leads to: on average 25% savings in CO2 footprint, less trucking, less steel material and related waste, and indirect savings of energy consumed at the construction site due to faster construction cycle. EPDs are also available.

Do the fibers stick out of the slab?

Millions of indoor and outdoor fiber slabs have been built around the world. From looking at a slab from top or from bottom, it is typically hard to tell if it is fiber concrete or normal concrete. But, occasionally in the event a fiber is sticking out of the surface of the slab, it can be clipped with standard wire cutters.

What can I expect in terms of services?

SigmaSlab® is a holistic solution that includes design, supply of CCL’s post-tensioning systems and Bekaert’s Dramix® fiber, and construction services. The SigmaSlab® team will handle all aspects of the project and can assist the project team at any stage.