An innovative new concrete slab technology developed by CCL and Bekaert combining all the benefits of CCL post-tensioning with the advantages of Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement.

CCL post-tensioning systems and Dramix® steel fibers combined.

SigmaSlab® optimises post-tensioning and Dramix® steel fibers to deliver an optimal cost-effective solution while providing better resistance to cracking and deflection. CCL post-tensioning systems take up the shrinkage and temperature stresses in concrete slabs, increasing the material’s strength and delaying the development of cracks. After cracking, Dramix® steel fibers raise the tension capacity of the concrete, providing ductile behaviour.


  • Seamless ground slabs (indoor & outdoor)
  • Elevated slabs
  • Slabs on piles


  • Up to 20% more cost-efficient
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Up to 35% more sustainable
  • Better aesthetics

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