Lusail project remains on track

December 1, 2020

CCL has designed, supplied and installed the post-tensioned slabs at a luxury complex in the Qatari city of Lusail. Lusail is a self-contained sustainable city and the largest individual sustainable development in Qatar.

The implementation of strict Covid-19 safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus have made it possible for the project to remain on track.

In addition to these regulations, which were strictly enforced on-site by the contractor/client, CCL implemented its own additional safety measures on and off site which included employee education, health checks and temperature monitoring, mandatory PPE, sanitization, social distancing and rapid testing.

Design of the post-tensioned slabs was carried out by the engineering teams from CCL companies in Qatar and the Gulf, many of whom were working remotely. This made coordination even more vital to ensure there were no delays in submission of the post-tensioning designs.

CCL’s strategic stock of post-tensioning materials held in Qatar was another factor which helped the company maintain continuity of service at a time when supply of construction products and materials has been affected by shutdowns. To avoid interruption of supply in case of regional closures, CCL secured additional storage facilities in northern Doha.