PT solution for luxury Cyprus development

November 20, 2020

The Eden Roc development is a luxury residential complex in central Limassol.

The project is being delivered in two phases, and CCL was responsible for designing the post-tensioned (PT) slabs for both phases to enable extended spans, provide a solution for the cantilevered design and address the point loads from rooftop swimming pools.

Phase A of the project comprises three adjacent residential blocks ranging from five to seven storeys and featuring penthouses with large terraces and private swimming pools.

CCL’s structural solution helped to create luxurious open-plan apartments with 7-8 metre spans and generous floor-to-ceiling heights for Phase A. The buildings here terrace down from roof level, creating cantilevers of up to 4 m. A conventional reinforced concrete slab solution would have resulted in the need for drop beams within open plan apartments and would have required thicker slabs to cope with the planted loads from the cantilevered sections and the swimming pool loads. CCL designed each slab individually to optimise slab thickness for each location and typically reduced slab depth to 250 mm in most areas increasing to 350 mm for planted and point loads. Deflection was also controlled to within an exacting tolerance necessitated because of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Phase B is a single residential block with eight swimming pools at roof level. At 7000 m2 it is around half the size of Phase A. Again, slab depth was between 250 mm and 350 mm to support planted loads and enable cantilevers of up to 4 m, while minimising the need for beams. Because the swimming pools for this building are located on the roof, between the columns, a slab thickness of 350 mm was required.

As the main contractor had not previously worked with PT, CCL took an active role in designing the PT specification to aid buildability and worked with the construction team to ensure they were familiar with the system. The CCL team also worked with the contractor to select and train the site operatives and supported the construction team on site throughout the installation.