Qatar Mega Reservoirs – first phase nears completion

February 5, 2018

CCL has successfully completed work on the world’s largest mega reservoirs in Qatar.

In a bid to increase the country’s water storage capacity, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation are working on a project which will significantly increase water supply by providing seven days of water storage within its network.

The project involves of the construction of five connected reservoirs, each comprising up to nine smaller reservoirs with a total storage capacity of around 3,800 million gallons of water. CCL was approached to design, supply and supervise installation of precast post-tensioned beams for two of the five mega reservoirs.

The original specification called for the precast prestressed concrete beams to be manufactured off site. However, after consultation it was decided this approach was logistically too difficult and costly.

To overcome these problems, CCL proposed a solution which entailed pouring and stressing the beams on site to make supply and installation much easier for everyone. The 24 precast prestressed beams measured 800/500 mm wide x 2000 mm deep, and spanned over 28 metres.

The first phase of the project will add 1,400 million gallons of extra capacity to the existing water storage infrastructure and the second phase will add a further 2,300 million gallons of capacity. The first phase is due for completion mid-2018.