Spiroll’s Vortex provides a cost-effective alternative

August 24, 2017

Having switched from a slip former machine and investing in a Vortex Extruder from CCL group company, Spiroll Precast Services, Teemage Precast has saved an estimated $100,000 in concrete costs.

The Indian precast concrete slab manufacturer is part of the Chennai Silks Group and began producing concrete slabs for use in the construction of the group’s fabric stores and factories. However, as part of the group’s development strategy, the company has tripled its production capacity so that it now supplies projects throughout India.

In order to reduce production costs and improve efficiency, Teemage decided to opt for a Spiroll Vortex Extruder for use at its Tiruppur factory, the site of its first precast slab manufacturing operation. The Vortex has not only enabled the company to reduce the amount of concrete it uses in Tiruppur, but has also facilitated the fast-track set up of a new precast factory in Delhi by allowing the transfer of the old slip former to the new plant.

The high frequency vibration technology of the Vortex creates a well-compacted, dense slab leading to improved quality, reduced concrete consumption and increased product volumes.

Technical Manager at Teemage, Dinesh Kumar commented ‘Our investment in the Vortex Extruder has paid off because the concrete savings it provides have enabled an agile expansion process while reducing costs and maintaining excellent, consistent quality standards at our Tiruppur plant.’