Surface enables very narrow aisle (VNA) system

January 31, 2020

CCL has completed another installation of its SURFACE jointless flooring system at KeyFreight Warehousing’s newest facility in the port of Beirut. The new floor has allowed KeyFreight to introduce a very narrow aisle (VNA) racking system to optimise capacity by reducing redundant space and ensuring the building delivers its maximum value.

CCL designed the solution and installed the SURFACE jointless flooring system onto an existing warehouse slab, to create a seamless, crack-free floor. The existing floor at the property had proved unsuitable but the SURFACE flooring solution has transformed the slab, enabling it to deliver its full potential.

In order to install the extra tall racking and create the very narrow aisles, KeyFrieght Warehousing required a 1500 m² floor that complies with ‘defined movement’ (DM) flatness specifications, to enable VNA forklifts to navigate the aisles efficiently and safely.

The SURFACE jointless flooring system uses CCL’s expertise in post-tensioned (PT) concrete to provide a floor that delivers the strength and thin profile benefits of a PT slab. These benefits have been combined with a perfectly flat and levelled floor with no joints, achieved using advanced laser screed equipment and CCL’s experience. Finally, the floor was polished using specialist techniques, resulting in a dust-proof and highly abraision-resistant finish.

This is the latest in a number of SURFACE jointless flooring solutions CCL has designed and installed for logistics and industrial sector customers who need a hardwearing, seamless and perfectly flat floor for the safety and efficiency of sensitive equipment.