Tank Waterproofing in Maryland

June 23, 2017

A major upgrade at the Patuxent Water Reclamation Facility in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA is currently underway which includes the construction of new containment structures and the refurbishment of existing tanks.

CCL is carrying out the application of crystalline waterproofing treatment to nine tanks. The waterproofing is designed to react with cement particles and water to form non-soluble crystals capable of filling micro-cracks in the concrete and rendering it waterproof.

After surface preparation of the nine structures to be treated is complete, a thorough inspection is undertaken and the tanks are tested for leakage. CCL will undertake concrete repairs to any areas showing signs of seepage. Once the integrity of the structures is assured the waterproofing system is installed.

The crystalline system is designed to reduce long-term repair and maintenance costs and extend the lives of the structures.