The first SigmaSlab® in North America!

August 10, 2022

The first SigmaSlab®-G project has been constructed in North America, at the Coppel’s logistics centre, located in Texcoco, Mexico. An area of 47,000 m² (500,000 square feet) has been reinforced with SigmaSlab® technology.

SigmaSlab® is a new innovative technology developed by CCL and Bekaert Construction, combining all of the benefits of CCL XF/XU post-tensioning systems and Dramix® steel fibers, SigmaSlab® offers a breakthrough in concrete slab design and construction with its excellent tensile behaviour, allowing thinner slabs, and larger ground slabs with joints that are fewer and farther apart. It is quick and easy to install, reducing the amount of skilled labour required on site.