The sky’s the limit!

June 21, 2018

Asked by its client to add something extra to a tower in Dubai, CCL was very soon reaching for the sky.

Amesco Tower in Dubai is formed by two concrete core walls 52 metres apart. The top section of the tower, level 50, currently under construction, is built using CCL transfer box girder beams which are elevated 20 metres above level 49 and span an incredible 52 metres. Level 50 has been designed by CCL to support two levels of steel building structure, which will contain seven private sky villas, and an infinity swimming pool.

CCL was originally approached by the client to design standard prestressed concrete beams. After studying various options at concept design stage for the stability, horizontal movement, deflections, thermal, vibration and vertical elements, and carrying out a series of specialist studies to take account of the complex geometries, CCL, through its engineering entities, produced a safe, cost-effective and efficient structural design for this outstanding building.

The early involvement of an experienced contractor added significant value to the project and helped to overcome the design issues relating specifically to serviceability constraints such as deflections and vibration.

Upon completion in December 2018, Amesco Tower will form an iconic landmark at the centre of Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai.  This commercial and residential tower comprises four basement levels and 50 floors including the 52 m transfer structure supporting the sky villas and infinity pool.