The UAE Embassy in Lebanon is located in the district of Ramlet el Bayad in Beirut. CCL provided the structural design and execution of the architectural panels that were installed to create the building’s intricate facade. The panels are made from Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC).


CCL’s objective was to create a facade for the UAE Embassy that was designed in the Moucharabieh style, an iconic aspect of Arabic architecture which includes ornate grids. This presented challenges because of the complex design and the inclusion of many slender, delicate elements. The design had to accommodate external light fixtures on the building, so CCL had to figure out how these would be incorporated.


In total, approximately 2,500m2 of UHPC was supplied for the facade. The tops and bottoms of the ornate panels were enclosed by L-shaped plain sections, which also included grooves to accommodate the light fixtures. As a means of corrosion prevention, the panels were fixed directly to the structural slabs at four points using stainless steel fixings without any secondary steel structure.


  • No need for traditional reinforcement, which reduces costs and CO2 emissions.
  • High post-cracking tensile strength, so it is long-lasting with minimal maintenance.
  • CCL provided design, manufacture, shop drawings and all installation details to complete the project.